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Pg 13 . . . . Editing Steps

These steps give you an outline of how to update a blog


A. Login To Blog
B. Edit Blog
C. Publish Blog
D. Re-edit Blog

 Recommended Browsing: Blogger.com's Help Pages

All these steps are taken from the help pages

 A. Login To Blog

1. Go to the "Sign In" page at Blogger.com

 ----- The Blogger Sign-in page Appears -----

2. Enter your username & password

Username ________________ Pass ____________

Note: Your username is probably also a Google ID. It's typically an email address. (for example "gryzeuski@track2.com").

3. Click on "Sign In" button


 4. ----- The "Dashboard" page Appears -----

Note: These instructions use "Williamsport Ballroom Dance Calendar" as an example. The names of whatever blogs you are a member of, will appear here instead of "Williamsport Ballroom Dance Calendar".

 5. Click on the "Manage Posts" link for the blog you want to update.


B. Edit Blog

6. ----- The "Edit Posts" page appears -----

(tabs are "Posting" -> "Edit Posts")

7. Click the "Edit" link next to the "Dec 2007" page

8. ----- The Edit Window for the "Dec 2007" page appears -----

(tabs are "Posting" -> "Edit Posts")

9. Verify the "Compose" tab is selected. (If you select the "Edit Html" tab, you can view or edit the Html. However, Html is incomprehensible to all but the elite programmers.)

10. Type in the new text in posting window. In this example, we are just adding "++++" to the end of the post.

11. Click on the orange "Publish Post" button at bottom left.


 C. Publish Blog

12. ----- The window "Your Blog Published Successfully" appears -----

13. Click on the link "View Blog in a new window".


----- The View Blog window appears -----

14. Click the "refresh" button, if necessary.

15. Confirm the new text appears in the blog.


 D. Re-Edit Blog

Once you are signed in, a little "Pencil" icon will appear at the BOTTOM of each page.

16.You can click the little "Pencil" icon, to re-edit the page.

Alternately , you can keep the "Edit Posts" window from Step 7 above open all the time. To do this, when you click the "Edit" link in Step 7, use the "open in new window" or "open in new tab" option.

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