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Definition of Names:
  • and are the official Google-operated blog sites.
  • is operated by James Ingram in Williamport Pa, and has no official connection with the Google sites.

1. Videos About Blogs

Ingram's Quicktime Video about blogs
You need Apple's free
Quicktime Player for Windoze installed to view it.


YouTube Videos by other people:

Blogger: How to start a blog by 'Blogger' (Google staff)

Become a Blogger on by 'AskJoanne'

Setting up a Google Blogger Blog Part 1 of 2 by 'marketingice'

To find more videos, go to , and search for '' or just 'blogger'


2. Why Use A Blog ?

Are you a member of a group, family, or small business that might benefit from a web page, but don't yet have one? A "blog" web page can be helpful for showing photos, "meet the members" background information, directions-to and hours-for events, testimonials, even video.  

Blogs are (1) free from Google, and (2) very easy to update -- like sending email -- except you click a "publish" button instead of a "send" button. An added bonus: (3) photos you upload, can be viewed "full-size" by the user when they click on the photo. Since blogs are "web based", you can create one without even owning a computer, by using a library computer.

details on the "About" page (pg 3)


3. (Optional) Forwarding Domain Name Makes It Easy To Find

We can use a forwarding domain name as the "published name" -- for example, "", -- which costs us about $9/year. This makes the name easier to remember than the real location at ""

This gives us the flexibility to change the actual location in the future, without changing the "published" name.

more info in the Forwarding Domain Names

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