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CPAMU is the acronym for Central Pa Mac Users.
The main activity is the [cpamu] email discussion group for all interested Mac users, mostly in the North Central Pennsylvania region.

These web pages support the Yahoo discussion istserver named 'cpamu', and also list additional Mac resources.


The Cpamu Yahoo Listserver (email discussion Group) was started about May 2001 by Ben Rinehart, who currently lives somehere around Lewisburg ?? (we're not quite sure).

These web pages were started about 1998 as the "Track2 MacNet", which was a web page created by Jim Ingram that listed Mac groups and repair people.

In 2004, Ben registered the forwarding domain name 'cpamu.com' and forwarded it to this website. Thus, in effect, we agreed to try merging the Track2 MacNet web pages and the Cpamu listserver into one effort.

Ben operates the Yahoo listserver, with me Jim Ingram as an assistant moderator, and I (sort of) maintain these supporting web page.

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